Collaborate. Advise. Partner.

AJS CAP Solutions takes a dynamic approach on collaborative property development, redevelopment and financial sourcing and management. We have an experienced network of legal and political specialists, planners, environmental scientists, engineers and architects that provide insight and expertise across every facet of real estate. Our wide range of services can help you avoid risk, save money and realize the full value of your commercial or multi-use asset efficiently and effectively.  


Key Strategic Benefits


Strategies & Services

The integrated AJS platform leverages key operational services, such as:

  • Evaluation & site planning

  • Public and private financing vehicle assessment & application

  • Adaptive reuse for preservation and sustainability 

  • Brownfield restructuring & repositioning

  • Navigation across diverse relationships

  • Legal and land-use issues

  • Due diligence & risk assessment

  • Rescue management & asset workout

  • Environmental constraints solutions & management

  • And more...

We're Hands On

No matter what stage of property development you are in, AJS will leverage the appropriate resources to create a plan of success. We collaborate with you every step of the way to guarantee your property is developed exactly as you envisioned. Your goal is our goal—to define your property potential.

When should you partner with us?

Any time is the right time. AJS specializes in defining property potential from pre-acquisition to completion—saving you time and money throughout the process.



A preview of AJS CAP Solutions' project strategies and successes.

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MANAGEMENT and expertise

Introductions to our corporate team and an overview of our expertise.

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